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We prepare relentlessly for our workshops

Range Culture Co. has three areas of talent that we use intentionally to prepare for our client workshops.

  1. The improv performer and trainer. This talent consists of knowing the history of improv, how enriching and fun it can be, the hundreds of games and activities that use the foundations of improvisation, and making sure the games fit the content for the desired outcome.

  2. The facilitator and educator. This talent consists of mediation expertise and master’s level education and counseling. We utilize this talent to develop content, guide delivery of that content, and manage conversations in a way that results in people feeling heard and getting needs met.

  3. The human resources guru and people leader. This talent consists of organizational development and human resources technical knowledge and experience. We utilize these disciplines to develop content and serve as the link to employment matters.

We pull all of these talents together to prepare relentlessly for every workshop we do.

We always make sure to first understand exactly what our client needs as we develop objectives for the workshop to meet them.

We then talk about our audience, their experiences, and what they hope to get out of the workshop.

We walk through the timing and every detail of the workshop agenda and define our specific roles in the delivery.

As we deliver, we listen and use improv ourselves to adjust! I mean, after all…!!!

Finally we survey the participants and debrief. We have learned from every workshop and refine, getting better individually and as an ensemble every time.

No two workshop groups are the same and we LOVE that.

As noted from our highly-rated preparatory meeting yesterday (for our workshop with a client next week)...we are in the zone!

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