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Benefits Counseling

We review of what your organization has in place, analyze gaps, make recommendations for enhancements, and serve you at all levels through the year.

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What to expect

Our process begins with an insightful discovery session, allowing us to fully understand the intricacies of your existing benefits program.


Leveraging our wealth of experience and resources, we meticulously craft tailored recommendations aimed at optimizing both your benefits structure and enhancing employee awareness and utilization. Collaboration with your broker is integral to this process.


As your dedicated benefits consultant throughout the plan year, we operate at both the organizational and individual levels, providing assurance that your plans are precisely aligned and that your employees are well-informed, maximizing the benefits available to them.

How it can help

Offering a localized, personal touch, employees have a dedicated contact to navigate their current coverage and identify potential gaps that may impact their health and finances.


By emphasizing attention to your benefits package, we elevate it to a front-of-mind asset. Recognizing the significant investment of time and resources into your benefits, our assistance ensures the maximization of education and impact.


Considering that 70% of employees cite benefits as a crucial factor in their retention decisions, our support becomes instrumental. We help ensure employees are well-informed about their existing benefits, address any gaps, and receive comprehensive education on the offerings available to them.

Support Group
Group therapy


  • "Providing the right mix of benefits that are both inexpensive and highly sought after among job
    seekers can give a competitive edge to business that can’t afford high salaries and pricier job perks." (Harvard Business Review, The Most Desirable Employee Benefits)

  • "Attracting and retaining the best of talent through responding to their unique needs and requirements is one big step in having the talent you need for the future.” (Harvard Business Review, Match the Perk to the Person if you Want Great Talent)

  • “Voluntary benefits help employers build a comprehensive benefits package that will keep workers happy and attract skilled workers without adding to the bottom line.” (Colonial Life, Employer Resource Center)

Transform Your Employment Culture and Boost Workforce Retention Today!

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