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Cultivating Culture for Retention

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What we can do for your company

We at Range Culture Co. focus on tools to help employers connect with and retain workers

  • Unique workshops and team-building experiences  

  • Retention tools

  • Employment (HR) thought-partnership and advising

  • Employee benefits

​Our learning and team-building experiences are for organizations who want to

  • Provide a unique learning experience for a team

  • Deepen the collaboration and communication skills of individuals to enhance team effectiveness

  • Create connections among individuals on a team

  • Provide an opportunity to have some group fun

  • Increase the likelihood of keeping a team intact

​Our employment (human resources-HR) thought-partnership and advising is for organizations who want to:

  • Partner with a coach on the tougher employee-relations cases and complaints

  • Mitigate risk related to employment matters

  • Add a couple of extra HR-hands to accomplish important projects

  • Review HR processes and obtain greater efficiency and effectiveness

​Our retention and benefits tools are for organizations who want to:

  • Better understand how best to engage individual staff members and keep them employed for the long run 

  • Provide an experience for individuals that enhances self-awareness

  • Demonstrate an investment in a staff member’s uniqueness and value to the organization

  • Develop a roadmap for individual professional development

  • Evaluate and enhance the employee benefits package

Combined, these elements can provide retention power for your business. Use us and our tools one of the many things you do to keep your employees with you! 

Group Workshops

$1650 per session*

  • Change management

  • Employee coaching

  • Group cohesion & collaboration

  • Hybrid workforce management

  • Managing conflict

  • Recruiting & retention

  • Relationship building

  • Two leadership gears

  • Mind stretch

  • Pure fun

  • Custom workshop

*We quote all workshops but this rate gives you a ballpark!

Retention Tools*

  • Engagement assessment and report

  • Strengths assessment with performance excellence recommendations

  • Professional development interview and planning

  • Cascading stay interviews

  • Onboarding planning

  • Progressive performance management

  • Group and voluntary benefits that add to total compensation value

*We quote all services once we talk about the problem you want to solve and develop a solution that will give you results

HR Consulting &

Thought Partnership

  • Human resources consulting

  • Employee benefits package enhancement (no hourly fee)

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