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HR Consulting & Thought Partnership

Advising and coaching for your employment related issues and practices.

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What to expect

Our process commences with attentive listening to understand your HR and employment-related processes and concerns, and coaching goals for the employee.


Conducting a thorough assessment of the environment or specific situations, we identify risks and recommend best practices.

Our structured coaching system involves a thorough intake process, gathering historical perspectives from both the client and employee. A collaboratively completed contract outlines the number of sessions, specific goals, and our coaching philosophy, including a comprehensive privacy and communication plan. Session notes are diligently recorded after each session to transparently document progress.


Benefit from the expertise of a consultant with over 20 years of experience in human resources, leadership, and extensive consulting across various industries and municipalities. We provide you with a range of options and valuable advice tailored to your specific needs.


All this is available at a competitive rate, ensuring you receive seasoned guidance without compromising on cost-effectiveness.

How it can help

Supplementing your existing staff or time allocated to HR and employment-related projects, our services serve as a valuable complement.


Our approach involves proactive identification and mitigation of risks, prioritizing compliance with employment laws and best practices.


Acting as a thought-partner, we offer a collaborative space for discussing issues and refining ideas, guiding you towards optimal solutions for challenges and processes.


Additionally, our services extend to providing coaching for both new and tenured supervisors, fostering improved leadership skills, minimizing risks, achieving tangible progress in navigating employment-related challenges, and ultimately enhancing overall business outcomes.

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  • "Leadership shouldn't be a solitary endeavor. Leaders can draw on the skills and experiences of
    others as well as their own when they approach a decision. Who these advisers are and how much trust the leader places in them are critical to the quality of that leader's judgment." (The Elements of Good Judgment, Harvard Business Review Magazine, Jan-Feb 2020)

  • "Human attention is limited, and thinking about our own thinking while trying to solve pressing
    problems is nearly impossible." (Today's Most Critical Workplace Challenges are About Systems,
    Harvard Business Review, Jan 10, 2023)

  • The work environment is excel in the current workplace and even the hybrid transition managers need to adopt intentionality, trust, autonomy, connection, accountability. (5 Key Skills New Managers will Need this Year, Fast Company, Jan 5, 2023)

Transform Your Employment Culture and Boost Workforce Retention Today!

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