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  • What is Range Culture Co.?
    Range works with companies to add tools and strategies to help retain workers. We offer unique learning and development sessions using the tools of improvisation, as well as data products that further connect individuals with their work and the company. These tools, along with others you currently use in your company can contribute to employment retention.
  • What is the purpose of this event?
    This is an opportunity to get your group together and work on some essential skills in an enjoyable format, at a fun location. We have multiple improv sessions, but this particular one enhances the following skills: being present, active listening, supporting others' ideas, and collaboration. Best of all - it's fun! We promise.
  • How might this benefit my team?
    Fun interactions promote connections. Connections lead to retention. The skills learned using improv will benefit the individuals and team in practical ways at work and personally. Investing in your team in ways like this demonstrates the company cares about individual and team growth. See our Giveaways page with Employee Needs: Secrets to Workforce Retention. If ANY of these 12 elements of employee engagement will be accentuated by this event, you have a return on investment.
  • What is improv?
    Improvisation or improv, is the form of theatre, often comedy, in which most or all of what is performed is unplanned or unscripted: created spontaneously by the performer or participants. In this session we have various group games instructed and led by our trained performer Rachel. These games can help individual participants improve communication, collaboration, and creativity. Improv is NOT stand up comedy and no one will be "on-stage" alone, we promise. That's scary. When we look goofy, we do it as a group.
  • What planning will I need to do?
    As the leader authorizing this event, all you need to do is answer a few questions about your group, choose one of our dates/times available, show up and participate (if applicable), and pay the bill!
  • Will there be food?
    Yes! Generally we will plan appetizer platters (charcuterie, crudité, etc.) however there may be other options for you to choose if preferred.
  • What does this entail? What sort of activities?
    The Range Improv Happy Hour includes a brief overview of the basics of improv and 4-6 improv "games." These games are easy to play and help your team get out of their comfort zone, have fun, and connect with their colleagues.
  • What takeaways should I expect?
    The takeaways from this event are expected to be - fun, connectedness, and enhancement of skills (being present, active listening, and collaboration). Improv is something that we all do every day in some form, and at this happy hour your team will come together to learn, laugh, and see their colleagues as their ensemble.
  • What if some team members cannot attend?
    It's okay to do it with who you have! And if you want to include everyone at another time, or enhance a particular skill or ability for your team, reach out to us to talk about customizing an event for you.
  • Will there be alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage options?
    Yes, we will ensure both options are available.
  • Can those under 21 attend?
    Generally with our venues, those under 21 can attend but will not be served alcoholic beverages. We will ask you if you may have any under 21 attending as part of our set up questions and will verify with the venue their policies at that time.
  • What locations are available?
    There are cool places like breweries, fermentories, and distilleries that we have lined up. Email, call or text us and we will tell you what we have available!
  • What are the expectations of participants?
    We understand that improv may sound like a scary thing to people but this is not stand up comedy. This is a set of games facilitated by a trained improv performer. It is a group event and everyone will be encouraged to let loose and participate, but some may choose not to. When there's full participation in our workshop the entire team has more fun and more stories to tell afterwards. We don't expect anything from you except trying and letting loose.
  • If I don't want to participate, can I just watch others?
    Whatever someone is most comfortable with, we fully support. However, beautiful things can happen when people step out of their comfort zone. Everyone is a little nervous when participating with our improv games - but we have seen how easily individuals work through it and ultimately have a blast!
  • Can attendees receive continuing education credits?
    No. We have not gone there. This is happy hour and CEUs are not allowed here. But if you want us to come into your company and do some coursework based in improv we will consider with you what obtaining CEUs will entail.
  • Does the cost per person include everything?
    The cost per person as advertised is an estimate based on 20+ participants. In that case, yes the per person price includes everything, as long as you stay within our parameters of two drinks per person and the food we have planned. If you want to change it up, we will work with you on the options and planning, and we will quote for you the additional cost.
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